Liquid Storage Solutions


 Up to billions of gallons capacity...Solve all your liquid storage problems...

  •   Storage for drinking water, sewage and water irrigation
  •   Reservoirs for use in deserts, mountains and islands used to store stream water and flood and re used.
  •   Suitable for underground installation as strategic reservoir
  •   Suitable for crude oil and petrol storage
  •   Collecting rain water and preventing evaporation
  •   Sea water towing
  •   Oil spill and pollution cleaning, water purification units
  •   Quick to install (installed and connected within hours)
  •   Easy to relocate
  •   Can store any liquid
  •   Very hygienic (totally closed preventing any foreign object of blown sand from falling in)
  •   No algae growth
  •   Long life expectancy up to 50 years
  •   Temperature resistance (can resist temperature between -30 to +80)
  •   Economical (compared to concrete, steel and GRP)
  •   Maintenance free
  •   Heavy duty

Desert Eco Bag
Eco Bag De-Icin...
1000-10,000 Gal...
Small tanks and...
Economical Tank...
Pit Reservoirs
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