Office Solutions:

It focuses on an optimal work environment and functionality. Furnished according to the customer's needs and desires.

Technical Specifications:

External Length: 6.058 mm, Width: 2.438 mm, Height: 2.591 mm

Internal Length: 5.798 mm, Width: 2.252 mm, Height: 2.361 mm

Rear Door Opening: Width: 2.340 mm, Height: 2.303 mm

Personal Door: Internal modern 800x2000mm

Equipment Insulation: 50/50mm wall and ceiling insulation, 4.5mm checker steel plates, personal door

Handling: Top and bottom ISO corners 20' position; Standard ISO fork pockets CC 2050mm; 24 Internal Lashing points

Stacking: In the ship cell guides: Seven (&) high stacked ( max. gross weight 30480kg).; On the deck: Four (4) high stacked and secured by suitable vertical and diagonal wire lashings.

Colour: Sand, RAL 1001, or by agreement

Coating: Offers 5 years warranty on standard and two component coatings.


17 September 2018


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