Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump

Positive displacement rotary vane pumps

Self priming rotary vane pump with internal by-pass valve. The pumps use a rotor with sliding vanes to draw the liquid. The material of construction is nodular iron with sliding vanes built in a special self lubricating material. Mechanical seals are available for different types of liquids. Due to its efficiency the pumps can handle viscous and also volatile liquids and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps. The pumps are capable of higher flow-rates at lower number of revolutions than other designs.

Sampi supplies three different sizes of pumps:

model flanges 650 RPM 600 RPM 550 RPM 500 RPM 450 RPM 400 RPM weightT
g/m l/m g/m l/m g/m l/m g/m l/m g/m l/m g/m l/m lbs kg
RPV2 2" 80 300 72 270 64 240 56 210 48 180 40 150 66 30
RPV2.5 2½" 132 500 123 465 114 430 103 390 93 350 82 310 82 37
RPV3 3" 265 1000 243 920 222 840 200 760 180 680 160 600 133 60

The pumps are widely used on mobile applications or fixed installations. With cardan shafts or hydraulic motor the pumps can be installed on any kind of tank truck or they are coupled to electric or diesel engine on metal bases to be used either on terminals, heavy duty dispensers, pumping/metering skids. mobile transfer units. Equipped with Teflon seals the pumps can also be used on a wide variety of solvents in the petrochemical industry.

Hydraulic motor adaptors
Pneumatic by-pass actuator


18 September 2018


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