NATO/NAMSA Freight Containers


NAMSA/ NATO Containers has entered into a frame agreement to supply new and second hand containers through NAMSA, the NATO procurement agency.

The contract covers various containers with and without integrated hook lift, in sizes 1C (8'high) and 1CC ( 8'6" high). It can offer customized design of all types of containers, includig EMP and ballistic protection.


EXTERNAL: Length 6.058mm, Width 2.438mm, Height 2.438mm

Internal: Length, 5.659 mm, Width 2.352 mm, Height 2.132mm

Rear Door Opening: Width 2.340mm and height: 2.019mm

Maximum gross weight: 15000kg and 30480kg

Tare weight: 2.280 kg, 2.410kg

Maximum payload: 12180kg and 28070 kg

Stacking: In the ship cell guides: Seven (7) high stacked ( max gross weight 30480kg). On the deck: Four (4) high stacked and secured by suitable vertical and diagonal wire lashings.

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