Emergency Medical Kit Bag

 Emergency Medical Accessories Kit Bag

1.1       Dimensions:55cm x 35cm x 20cm

1.2       Weight: Empty :2.5kg with equipment:6.75kg

1.3       Respiration :oxygen Cylinder

1.4       Oxygen Regulator

1.5       Resuscitator Bag

1.6       Intubation: Laryngoscope Magill Forceps

1.7       Endotracheal Tube Oral Airway

1.8       Sphygmomanometer

1.9       Stethoscope

1.10       Thermometer

1.11       Hammer Penlight – Tongue Depressor

1.12       Infusion: syringe I.V Cannula Infusion sets Tourniquet

1.13       First-Aid Surgical Devices Ring Cutter

1.14       Consumables: Elastic Bandage Sterile gloves Adhesive Plaster

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