Container - Based Solutions


  • The only container company in the world with a frame agreement with NATO/NAMSA
  • 30 Years experience in delivering container based solutions for the Military
  • Ammunition and explosive patented containers,A AAA rated company.
  • Military camps, Executive offices.
  • Experience in delivery of everything from arctic air measure units to Aircraft landing.
  • Water purification and desalination unit and sewage treatment unit.
  • Customized to be used in high Temperature Climate (-40 to +60) degrees.
  • Moisture proof, water resistant, rust proof and withstand salty weather.
  • Fire resistant, non-inflammable, toxic free materials.
  • Manufactured with energy efficient materials that require less electricity./li>
  • 100% hygienic, eliminates fungus, microorganism, rot free.
  • Integrated Air conditioned fresh air systems and sand trap.
  • Electrical installation according to the country standard
  • Containers may be equipped with monitoring: Alarms, tracking, location, unauthorized movement, temperature, Fuel levels, operation modes, battery voltage, door opening.
  • Customized solutions (Workshops, reefers, radio – shelters, medical, etc……..)