Thermal Fogger (Portable)

Thermal Fogger (Portable)

Technical Data:

Weight Empty: 7kg

Size (L x B x H): 106 x 29 x 33 cm

Capacity of chemical tank: 5 liter

Capacity of fuel Tank: 2 liter

Cubic capacity of combustion chamber of engine: 0.3 liter

Maximum performance of engine: 17.5 kw (24h.p. 15,000 kcal/h)

Fuel consumption : 1.5-1.9 l/h

Auto-ignition : Electronic coil fed by 4 batt. = 6 V DC

Starting device: Hand pump

Flow rate (according to nozzle size used) : 12-25 l/h

Droplet size range: 25um (oil)

Contingent to installed: 60um (oil/water)

Nozzle size: 100um (water)



  • Jet engine without movable parts allows unlimited operation
  • 5ltr chemical tank, easily detachable, made of heavy duty polyethylene, transparent with liter scale
  • Double stainless steel-cooling jacket/diffuser with front cooling air intake, additional sound absorption and effective heat control
  • Fingertip quick-start-system through patented direct fuel injection and automatic ignition
  • For safety-reasons: non-pressurized fuel tank!
  • Most metal parts made of stainless steel
  • Manual fog control valve combined with automatic chemical cut-off device (optional)
  • Simple and straight-forward design enables the user to carry out repair work him self


21 August 2018


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